The school welcomes new staff members

Five staff members are beginning a new career here this year. Principal Ryan Gallwitz said that we have a “wonderful staff,” who are helpful toward one another, and he believes the new people will find help within the building.

“I think they will do well because we have a very good staff to begin with,” he said.

He also said challenges always arise when joining a different staff, as the new members have to figure out relationships with colleagues as well as become used to the new community and procedures.

He said that the school district is “very blessed to not have staff turnover,” and during his time here, he has only hired “five or six” people. He said that recruiting serious staff members who will stay here during their career is very important and having a long-term staff is one of the reasons why the school functions well.

“Once they get all of the logistical things out of the way, [It will] be smooth sailing,” he said.

Brittany Kerr is the new kindergarten teacher. She is replacing Kathy Noblit, and she said  working in this district has been her goal because she graduated from here. She hopes her students have a “lot of fun while learning,” and that they enjoy her class.

“I am the first teacher they get to know within the building,” she said. “My hope is to start their learning experience with a positive outlook.”

Kerr graduated in 2008 and finished her education at Ohio State University and Mount Vernon Nazarene University. She has a nine year old stepson.

New English teacher Amy Bollinger sits at her desk while her students practice vocabulary. Bollinger graduated from Ashland University and worked as a substitute teacher for two years.

Amy Bollinger graduated from Ashland University and will be teaching sixth and eighth grade language arts. She decided to teach here because of the “great community” and the compassion within the school system. Before coming here, she was a substitute teacher in Central Ohio for two years.

“For my students, I have planned literary circles and plenty of writing,” she said.

Kim Weiss is teaching vocational agriculture this year. He first interviewed here in 1992 but moved closer to Hocking Hills and began teaching on the other side of the state instead. He recently began, and taught, the agriculture program at Northridge before meeting with a member of the Centerburg School Board, who told him about a possible opening to teach here.

He said he enjoys the introduction to agriculture class because the younger kids are “excitable.”  “Everything’s new to them, and they’ll do anything you want them to,” he said.

He plans to do a large amount of woodworking and metalworking in the shop. He is currently communicating with the administration because he wants the class to help build the softball dugout and a pole barn.

Alex McIntire is teaching middle school science, and she said she came to the district to be closer to her family. Her husband’s family is from Centerburg and her parents live in Johnstown.

“We have two sons and wanted them to be able to see their grandparents, cousins, ect.,” she said.

She said she’s very excited to teach science, as it’s her first year. She previously taught eighth grade math for three years at Maysville Middle School. She said that she plans to do several labs, because she prefers to “learn by doing vs. notes.”

McIntire was born in South Dakota and moved to Ohio when she was in Second Grade. She graduated from Utica High School and then Ohio State University. This summer, she lived in Vallejo, CA.

Kristi Adams is the new secretary in the high school and middle school. She has lived in the district for 17 years and grew up in Pataskala. She graduated from Licking Heights and moved here when she married. She has three children in the school system. Previously, she worked at Centerburg Pointe Nursing Home for 10  years as the hairdresser and worked as her church’s secretary for two years.

Adams also helps coach the Centerburg Colt Cheerleaders.

Jennie Borton is a new member of the school Board, replacing Kristi Layton, who moved  out of the district in June. She has lived in Centerburg her entire life and wants to “assist the Board in whatever way [she] can.” She said she looks forward to the school year.

“At this point, there are 51 [Centerburg] graduates from my family,” Borton said. The most recent graduate was her youngest son in 2013.


By Abigail Montgomery