Boys basketball dribble for a win

Senior Nate Johnson drives in for a layup.

The boys basketball team took home another victory, Feb. 4th, with a 60-51 win over the Highland Scots. Head Coach Andy Cauley said that the momentum in the second half carried over into overtime and helped them win.

“We knew we had momentum, and what was working in the second half we kept doing in overtime. We outscored them by 19 in the second half and by nine in overtime,” Cauley said.

Senior Gunnar Gregory said that they team played extremely well and that they played with lots of energy.

“I felt very confident [in overtime] due to the fact we had all the momentum at the end of regulation,” Gregory said.

The team had plenty of energy the whole game but struggled to execute in the first half. Cauley said that in the second half they put it all together.  

“I was proud our guys never panicked and kept working hard, and little by little got back into the game,” Cauley said.

Sophomore Lauren Pfeifer said it was fun watching them work together to accomplish something that is so important to their season.

“It was exciting to watch because the intensity was there and the boys played together. I thought they handled the situation well and they knew they needed to pull out a win. They stepped up to the plate and got the job done,” Pfeifer said. “Overall their communication, ball movement, and effort worked together better than it has been in the past, and it got them the win that night.”

Cauley said most of the guys played well; for example, senior Nate Johnson led the team in assists while seniors Andy Nuber and Chad Montgomery played with “great energy” and did the little things that helped the team. Gregory led the team with 33 points, a career high for him.

Senior Chad Montgomery drives into the lane at the Highland game. The team won in overtime 60-51.

“Our execution in the second half was key [to helping Gregory score]. We moved the ball, made smart plays, and found Gunnar, who was hot,” Cauley said. “Our team plays very unselfish basketball. We all have one common goal, which is to win. None of the guys care who scores. They just want to win. That was evident as we played very well together.”

Gregory said said that his team helped him score.

“[My] teammates got me the ball when I was open and set great screens to get me shots,” Gregory said. “The ball just rolled my way a couple of times.”

He said he hopes the team can make it back to the district title game.

“Win out and we win at least a share of the conference as well as making it back to the district title game,” Gregory said, “and coming out on top this year.”

The team is still tied for first place with Cardington and Northmor, and if they can win the rest of their games, the worst case scenario is that they will share the league title.

“That would be the second straight league title for the boys basketball teamーthe first time since 1993/94 that a Centerburg boys basketball team has repeated as league champions,” Cauley said. “As a result, we simply have to take things game by game. Our practices need to be intense and have few mistakes. I believe we can do it. However, it won’t be an easy task.”


By Elise Tucker

Sports Editor