Boys move on in the tournaments

The boys basketball team moves on in the tournaments with a game March 4 at Grandview Heights. Head Coach Andy Cauley said that Grandview Heights is one of the best teams around.

“I expect them to be sharp and expect them to give great effort,” Cauley said. “To prepare, we will watch some of their recent game film, we will discuss our game plan and then try to recreate Grandview the best we can in practice. It will take great focus the two days we have to prepare for them.”

Senior Nate Johnson said that he thinks that the team will do just fine against Grandview Heights.

“We didn’t play very well the first time we played them, and the results showed,” Johnson said. “I think we’re going to be more prepared this time around. We just have to execute our game plan and do what we can.”

Senior Andy Nuber said that he thinks the team will do well versus Grandview.

“As long as we play like we can and come out and be ready,” Nuber said. “As long as we don’t play like we did against them last time.”

Senior Michael Collins said that the team will definitely play better this time around.

“We are a much better team, and we can execute better then we did. I think we will do well,” Collins said.

The team earned another close win over Northridge in the first round of tournaments March 1. The game was tied multiple times, and the team’s lead was never greater than about 12 points. Toward the end of the game, Northridge brought the score to 52-50 with only 10 seconds left. They were in bonus at the end of the game, and they ended up fouling Johnson with only a few second left; his shots gave the team two more points for a final score of 54-50.

Cauley said that he was nervous about the team’s defense rotation the first half, but the guys fixed those problems and really controlled the game after a slow start.

“We played well. We got off to a slow start, but we had a great second quarter and kept the momentum all the way through most of the fourth [quarter],” Cauley said. “I was proud of our guys for staying focused all the way until the end of the game.”

Johnson said that he thought the game went well but they were a little slow at first. He also said that the most frustrating parts of the game were the areas they could work on.

“The most frustrating part of the game would be when they would knock down big threes and get multiple rebounds to get open looks,” he said. “The most exciting part of the game was when the clock was running down to 0.00 and we knew we were going to the next round!”

Nuber said that the most exciting part of the game was when Northridge started hitting shots and they had to take better care of the ball. During the game he was forced to come out because of blood from his head injury caused by Northridge.

“The most frustrating part for me was when I got bitten in the head, elbowed or something,” Nuber said.

Cauley said all four of the captains did very well.

“Sam, Nate, Ross and Gunnar all stepped up and made key plays at key times,” he said “That is why they are counted on for leadership.”

By Elise Tucker

Sports Editor