Don’t make a mess of your stress

Goodbye, 2015.

Hello, 2016!

No, this isn’t another typical “Happy New Year!” message, but it is a message about what is to come in
the new year.

A new year brings new experiences, new friends, new memories and a ton of new responsibilities. So, whether you’re a college-bound high school senior or an employee preparing for retirement, it’s important to acknowledge the stresses that may come with added responsibilities or
major life changes.

Teens are especially subject to stress as many take on new roles and encounter some major hurdles. Many activities consume their daily lives, so it’s completely normal to feel a bit overwhelmed.

What isn’t okay is allowing stress to become a destructive force both mentally, physically and emotionally.

The editorial board wishes to raise both teens’ and parents’ awareness about stress as students take on a new year with new challenges.

One’s home life, academics or job may build up stress and anxiety. That’s why it’s so important to relieve that stress in a positive way. Unfortunately, it’s not an attitude thing. It’s a chemical process the body undertakes to protect against threats and meet exhausting demands, so while some try to adjust to the situation by maintaining a positive attitude, this doesn’t always work.

Stress can be relieved in many different ways, depending on the person’s interests and personality.

Some like to take a walk, removing themselves from the source. Others find solace in listening to music or watching TV. Each of these not only reduces stress levels but also does so in a healthy manner.

We encourage those
tormented by stress to take action and find a positive and healthy outlet.

It’s important to understand stress and its effects on the body, and while the source may not be so obvious, it’s important to realize decompression is a key role in the process to alleviate stress.