Football team prepares to sink the pirates

Facing the Cardington Pirates tonight in Cardington, the football team has had to prepare for this big game on
the road.

Head Coach Andy Colella said that the Pirates will give them a challenge but that the team has been preparing all week by watching film and focusing on productive practices.

  “Cardington is one of the top teams in our league,” Colella said,  “and we have to get to work.”  He also said that they will learn from mistakes they made in recent games by watching film.

Cardington, which is coming off a one-point win over Mount Gilead, improved its record to 3-1. To help give the team an edge, the student section plans to wear gray tonight for a gray out.

The Trojans recently beat the Danville Blue Devils (26-14) and the Northmor Knights (14-7) to increase their record to 3-1. Junior wide receiver and safety Jesse Johnson said that the win on the road at Danville Sept. 9 was a huge boost for the team going into week four.

“Danville had been almost unbeatable over the past years at home. We looked at it as motivation, knowing that it made us want it that much more,” Johnson said,“ I feel like that game was one of the times when we really came together and we saw our hard work pay off.”

Coach Colella also emphasized the importance of practice and hard work before every game.

“Not all of the hard work is on game night,” Colella said, “Most of our work is done during the week every day after school.”

By Ross Ryan

Staff Writer