Mr. Trojan shows his talent

For only the second time in the school’s history, a young man was named Mr. Trojan, March 31.

In the Mr. Trojan competition, sponsored by the Ohio Scholars’ Association, competitors were judged in three categories: beach wear; talent, the largest portion of their overall performance; and formal wear/question and answer. Junior Mark LeChard brought home the win in beach wear while “surfing” on a penny board. Seniors Brady Rowe and Michael Collins tied for the formal wear/question and answer portion; according to judge Christine Clark, they stood out by dressing up and giving good answers.

“It was their answers that stood out to me; Brady gave a nice and funny answer, which was just him being him,” Clark said. “Michael gave a straightforward and honest answer, which also, is Michael being himself.”

Junior AJ Griffin won the talent section with a compilation of dances to many songs. Ben “Be-Jammin” Porter, however, wrapped all these areas together and won the title of Mr. Trojan, playing the drums with long-time friend Brady Rowe.

Porter, a drummer since fifth grade, said he was excited to win and was very hopeful that he would come out on top.

“I heard [my name] and let out this scream full of emotion; it was raging with excitement,” Porter said. “There was some tough competition, though I’m glad I could prevail.”

Eleven boys participated in Mr. Trojan this year: Stephen Schmitt, Heath Myers, and Parker Davis were the sophomores; Tyler Boales, LeChard, Griffin and Cody Lunder were the juniors; and Sterling Armstrong, Rowe, Collins and Porter were the seniors.


AJ Griffin

Staff Writer