Rowe and Coffing play well together

The two seniors, who some call twins, set up their equipment. One prestigiously puts his drum set together, making sure every drum is in tune. The other plugs the amp into the power strip and preps his bass. Gabe Coffing and Brady Rowe are among some who have a passion for music.

Coffing and Rowe have been friends for a few years and share common interests such as sports, gaming and music.

The boys both grew up listening to a variety of music, and they both branched out to enjoy progressive rock.

From a young age, Coffing said he enjoyed bands such as Genesis, Dream Theater and Tool. He said he has always had a natural sense of rhythm and seemed to recognize different beats.

Mrs Coffing said he started using his first drum set at the age of two.

[The drum set] was a little plastic set and he tore it up we constantly had to make repairs on it,” she said. “At age three I noticed him picking out quiet background beats from songs.”

Rowe also grew up listening to some progressive music; he enjoys bands such as Pink Floyd, Tool, Led Zeppelin and Rush.

Rowe began playing bass two years ago, when Cofffing encouraged him to learn so they could jam.

“My favorite part of music would be the emotion that comes behind it,” Rowe said. “It’s a way to express yourself, and I feel that music does that for me.”

With having similar music interests, the boys said that they often play together and the talent show offered an opportunity to share their musical experience.

“We both thought it would be cool to showcase our talents and try to put together a piece of music that ranges over many genres to satisfy everyone,” Rowe said.

Rowe said that the practices and planning went according to plan, but Coffing said the hardest part was creating a quality medley that was under the time limit.

The funniest part of the practices was probably when we ordered pizza for delivery to the school,” he said.

Senior Kaleb Kincaid is a friend of the two, and participated in the talent show with them. He said that they pulled everything together, especially for the short amount of time they had.

We did not have much time to put it together.” he said. “[But] we definitely got serious when it was time to actually do stuff and we got it done, while also having fun.”

Rowe’s mother said she thought the talent show was a success for the boys.

I had always listened to Brady play, but I had never watched him play before, and I was very proud,” Mrs. Rowe said. “The boys showed their passion for what they love, which is music and jamming out to songs they love.”

In addition, Mrs. Coffing said that based on the audience’s reaction of screams and whistles, the performance was a hit.

“The guys in the band were all smiles afterwards, so [I could tell] they felt good about it,” she said.

After the success of the talent show, Rowe and Coffing decided to kick off the new year with writing their own music.

They said that the writing process becomes very complicated, and piecing everything together is a struggle.

Rowe said that finding individual riffs [a short and repeated musical phrase] isn’t the hard part, it’s synchronizing all aspects of the song together.
Coffing said that sifting through all of the different ideas they come up with is the complicated part for him.

Plenty of ideas will come through, but we have to dig through all of them to find the ones we like best, only to come up with more variations of those ideas,” he said. “This is all without writing lyrics as well.”

Coffing said he plans to attend The Ohio State University and try out for the drumline, while Rowe wants to enter the music industry at Capital University. The boys said they still plan to work together to create music, despite the distance.

Rowe’s goal is to keep going with his music no matter what.

“I want to change people’s lives with my passion for music, whether that be me being a musician to write a song to make someone’s day better or making someone else’s life better in the music industry,” he said.

Coffing said the best thing to do if one is interested in listening and playing music, is to explore.

“Find a band you like, listen to their songs and pick out what instrument you love the most,” he said. “That will at least put you on a path that you can explore. If you don’t like it, you can always change”.


By Chloe Jarrett

Media Editor