Senior golfers swing the night away

The girls golf team was victorious Senior Night with a win in its match over Big Walnut, Fredericktown and Highland.

Sept. 19 was the last time playing at Wyandot Golf Course for seniors Sophie Compton, Violet Miller and Cynthia Morris. Compton led the way with a score of a 43, followed closely by Miller with a 49 and Morris with a 54.

Head Coach Kathy Compton said she was very proud of the seniors and the tenacity they displayed throughout the entire season.

“The seniors contributed leadership to the team,” she said, “showing that the game of golf is a fickle game and to keep persevering through the bad shots, relax and have fun.”

Morris, Compton and Miller were both excited to earn a win in their last regular season match.

Morris said she was nostalgic as she remembered her past four years of golf.

“As [former coach] Shelly Byerly always said, it’s great to end on a good note,” Morris said. “I’m very happy that we ended strong at the end of the year. It’s been an amazing year for our team and I’m proud of every member for their hard work and dedication to golf.”

Compton said she was also proud of the team.

“Senior night is what everyone looks forward to;” Compton said, “this is the night that seniors accomplish their last few goals before the season is officially over. It was an awesome night to finish it out with a win!”

Miller said she felt the same way.

“It felt so amazing to finish with a win,” she said,  “especially since it was our last match and I got super nervous about it.”

As their four years come to a close, they have many fun times to cherish.

Miller said she will miss all the fun memories she made golfing.

“My favorite memory was last year at Village View,” Miller said. “One girl in my group accidentally ran toward a ball that was coming right towards us.”

Compton’s favorite golf memory was shooting her first eagle, two under par, and a birdie, one under par, in the same round her freshman year.

Morris said she will always cherish those rides back home from the matches.
“After we were done talking about our golf game, we would always share our hilarious stories and laugh about it the rest of the way home,” she said.

Morris said that what she will miss the memories she has made with her teammates.

“The thing that I will miss the most is playing golf with the team,” Miller said. “It’s hard to get that kind of bond anywhere else.”

Compton said she has also loved getting to know the girls while playing golf.

“The thing I will miss most is my teammates and the girls I have befriended while playing golf,” Compton said.

Miller said she will also miss the friends she has made through the sport.

“I will miss my teammates so much,” Miller said. “It will be sad not playing with all of them in the future.”

These friendships and memories will last a lifetime, long after the last ball falls into the cup.


By: Livi Gregory