Softball team hits home runs in leadership

DSC_0023Everyone starts somewhere—no matter how big or small, no matter how strong and mighty. The softball team hasn’t had a very successful season numerically, but it demonstrates a certain aptitude for developing strong leadership and communication skills.

The leaders of the team, seniors Makenzie Lanigan, Makenzie Dore and Miranda Martindale, have all expressed how well their teammates have matured and communicated.

Lanigan said she thought the team does exceptionally well at communicating despite some tough defeats. Coach Ellen Dickerson described numerous changes she has made to continue to build the program both in size and popularity.

Senior McKenzie Lanigan steps up to bat.
Senior McKenzie Lanigan steps up to bat.

The editorial board would like to commend the team and Dickerson for their effort to continue to persevere despite the obstacles. Their willingness to continue to play their hearts out and desire to better their skills show great dedication and love for the game.

Lanigan also expressed concern when it came to the seniors’ leadership styles. She sees herself as vocal leader, but said she finds herself at a loss for words to motivate her team. She even admitted that many defeats have hindered her attitude at times, leading her to accept defeat.

Despite this remark, it is evident that this is not the case, and Lanigan and the other seniors should be very proud of their accomplishments. Leadership is a skill, and these seniors have set the bar very high.

Their attitudes remain positive despite a rough season, and this will only spread a positive mindset throughout the entire team. They must remember that their actions will speak louder than words, and if they continue to play with passion, the team will, too.

We hope to see the program continue to grow and evolve as new techniques are implemented and a positive attitude continues to be encouraged for years to come. We wish the team the best of luck during the rest of its season.

By Nathan Grizenko