Students switch from summer to school

Summer has ended and school is back in session; however, the first few weeks can be overwhelming for some students. Students aren’t used to the routine set by school; they’re used to sleeping in and staying up as late as they’d like. School sets a strict routine that many students adhere to, students are expected to be at school by 8:16, and go to classes and eat lunch at a specified time.

Staying with the same schedule while being on breaks can be very beneficial, Ryan Gallwitz said.

“[A student] should try to stick to the same routine while on summer break; if a student is in the same routine of when they wake up or when they eat breakfast, it helps tremendously,” Principal Ryan Gallwitz said. “If you change your sleeping schedule, it will change your eating schedules, which has a huge impact on your body and how you feel. If you’re tired or not feeling well, you’ll be less motivated to do your school work.”

Senior Cody Lunder said prioritizing school over extracurriculars and other activities is very important.

“Senior year is especially stressful, so make sure your work knows that your main priority is school, and make sure your work is flexible with your school schedule,” Lunder said.

Gallwitz said planning out your week and looking ahead to when assignments are due can also help students stay ahead and on top of their schoolwork.

“For younger students, such as middle school students and freshmen students, one thing they can do to avoid being overwhelmed in the beginning of the year is to plan ahead, by making a calendar for the week. Many teachers are flexible on assignments or give the students multiple days to get the assignment completed, so don’t wait until the last minute to do it. If you set aside a little time each night, you’d be surprised at how on top of your assignments you are,” Gallwitz said. “Taking time to build a plan of everything you have to do for school, for your social life, for your parents, for your work schedule, can help you visualize when activities are and when you have time to work on school assignments, will lead to success,” Gallwitz said.

Since many students play sports or have extra-curricular activities, using study halls and weekends is another great way to stay on top of your classes.  

“I do most of my homework at home and save some of it for the morning [since I have study hall first period], so I’m not cramming too much school work into my night,” freshman Adriana Losey said. “I’m in marching band, so Friday nights can be stressful, but I have all weekend to get my school work done.”

By Mackenzie Smith