Students widen horizons in Spain

Traveling Spain for a week sounds like a relaxing vacation, but for a few students it was a fun learning experience. These students took this trip from June 17-24 with Spanish teachers Hannah Leading and Christina Barnard. The trip had a few unexpected twists along the way.

We flew into Barcelona and immediately had a problem when none of our suitcases showed up!” Leading said. “We ended up spending our first few hours at the airport, trying to figure out where things were and how to get them back, which took a couple of days.”

Leading said no one complained, even though the students had to wear the same outfit for four days. Senior Andy Nuber said he remembers having to wash his clothes in the sink of the hotel room while watching the Cleveland Cavaliers win their seventh game.

“Not having clothes at the beginning of our trip was certainly interesting. Luckily I packed two outfits in my carry-on, so I wasn’t completely out of luck,” Nuber said.

Sophomore Blissann Treffert did not have as good a fortune as the others. She was the only one who did not receive her luggage by the last night in Barcelona.

“I borrowed Ellemarie’s [my sister’s] clothes while we were in Spain because we’re the same size, so it worked out well,” Treffert said. “We had to keep calling the airlines, and they listed [my] luggage under the wrong number. It was really inconvenient.”

Some students encountered issues entering a cathedral in Barcelona because they did not have the appropriate clothing with them because of the lack of appropriate clothing with them. Sophomore Chloe Merriman said she freaked out a bit when their suitcases didn’t show up.

“I had a moment…** but it ended up panning out just fine. All of us ladies banded together to support each other,” Merriman said.

“On the second day we visited the old part of Barcelona, the Gothic Quarter, where some of us were not allowed into a cathedral because we weren’t dressed properly (shoulders and knees covered), and they did not cut us any slack because of the luggage issue!” Leading said.

The students later visited a monastery just outside of Barcelona the same day. It was on a mountain in Montserrat, and the students spent the afternoon exploring, Leading said.

“It was beautiful, one of the kids’ favorite parts of the trip,” she said.

The luggage situation continued to cause problems on the last day in Barcelona.

“On our last day in Barcelona, we went to the beach, where a bunch of the kids went swimming in their only outfit,” Leading said.

Despite the obstacles, Andy Nuber was determined to have fun.*

“It was a good time until I had to walk around with wet shorts all day,” Nuber said.

Even with the all the unexpected difficulties with the luggage and the problems it caused, this trip accomplished everything it was supposed to. The students experienced Spanish culture first hand.

“I had a fantastic time! We visited so many beautiful and interesting places. … I just loved seeing all the places,”  Merriman said.


By Iris Miller